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2020 SmartWay Excellence Award

Truck - Lookoff

(November 2020) We are delighted to announce that Midland has been chosen as a winner of the 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award from the Canadian Department of Natural Resources and the United States Environmental Protection Agency. This award recognizes us as a leader in our industry for improvements in freight efficiency and reducing carbon emissions throughout our network. The recipients are those who have been identified as the top performers out of over 3,700 organizations that participate in SmartWay initiatives.

At Midland we make it our mission to deliver solutions that are effective and efficient. Investing in new equipment enables us to provide the best possible services to our customers while reducing our carbon emissions. We also employ drag reduction devices that lessen the environmental impact by reducing our fuel consumption. Finally, our planning and dispatch departments carefully plan our drivers’ routes to guarantee maximum fuel efficiency for every trip. Thank you to all our employees for your dedication to providing sustainable solutions to our customers! 

The Environmental Protection Agency recognized Midland and other 2020 SmartWay Excellence Award recipients through an online ceremony on November 5, 2020. 

SmartWay Excellence Award Letter