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6th Consecutive Top Fleet Award

Top Fleet 2021

(October 2021) Last month, our Brampton team accepted our 6th consecutive Top Fleet Award at the Gala Awards Dinner in Toronto. This accolade is presented annually by TruckingHR Canada, a non-profit organization who aims to encourage and reward innovation and excellence in Human Resources practices within the transportation industry.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our well-deserving Human Resources team for the immense role they play in our success. Their dedication to implementing effective policies, recruiting talented individuals, creating an inclusive culture, and constantly looking for areas of improvement, are just some of the ways they propel Midland forward.

Our Human Resources team understands that our people are our greatest asset. They are committed to developing policies and procedures that protect and enable every member of our team, allowing all of us to come to work in an environment where we feel protected and supported.

We believe that recruiting top talent translates into innovation, professionalism, and ultimately, an unmatched experience for our customers. Our recruitment team works diligently to attract people who share our commitment to customer service, continuous improvement, and who take pride in their work.

At Midland, we believe every employee, customer, and partner that works alongside us, should feel recognized and respected. Our Human Resources team supports this vision by protecting and cultivating a positive workplace culture. They are committed to being accessible and working alongside our people to ensure our team feels confident and empowered in their work.  

Innovation and continuous improvement are key to our success as an organization. This sentiment was clearly displayed by our Human Resources team this past year as they responded to the unique challenges of the pandemic. By remaining agile and constantly looking for creative ways to overcome obstacles, our Human Resources team worked tirelessly to ensure we remained informed and protected. 

Thank you and congratulations once again to our Human Resources group!