Feed Nova Scotia

Feed Nova Scotia

(May 2021) Supporting and connecting with the communities we serve is an important part of our culture. Our team in Sydney, Nova Scotia, exemplifies this commitment as they continue to lend a hand to the Feed Nova Scotia initiative. 

Feed Nova Scotia has championed the mission of increasing food security in the province through education, collaboration, and food distribution since 1984. To date, they supply goods to 140 food banks, shelters, soup kitchens, and meal programs throughout Nova Scotia. The organization has recently adapted to the challenges of the pandemic by launching the COVID-19 Food Box Program, which delivers groceries directly to people’s homes. This initiative ensures individuals without transportation to food banks and those who could be adversely affected by the virus are not left behind during this period of increased uncertainty. 

Our Sydney terminal, which was built in 2001, plays an important role in connecting our network to northern Nova Scotia and the sea lane to Newfoundland. This also means that the terminal is perfectly located to distribute the COVID-19 Food Boxes throughout Cape Breton and northern Nova Scotia. Location is not the only thing that makes our partnership with Feed Nova Scotia possible; more importantly, is the big heartedness of the people who operate our Sydney terminal. They have agreed to take on an increased workload to ensure their community can benefit from the resources from Feed Nova Scotia. 

The arrival of COVID-19 has brought about new challenges for all of us and requires extra creativity and dedication to ensure no one is left behind. The amazing people at our Sydney terminal and Feed Nova Scotia continue to show the power of collaboration as they work together to end food insecurity in northern Nova Scotia.

“Midland is very proud to be involved with the Feed Nova Scotia initiative here in the Sydney area. Being involved with this program is a great way for Midland to give back to the community. Covid-19 has caused all sorts of problems and concerns for people to try and navigate through. Our involvement with Feed NS is our way of trying to ease one of the added burdens that people are faced with. Midland continues to try to give back to the communities we serve, and the help we are trying to provide during this pandemic is a perfect example of the level of commitment Midland has to our community! Teamwork is a core value at Midland and any help we can give to our community, we are going to attack it head on.”
Brad MacDonald

Brad MacDonald, Sydney Terminal Manager