With end-to-end visibility and advanced logistics systems, we're unlocking new levels of efficiency and customer satisfaction through innovative tools.  

Five clicks to ship

MyMidland, our new and powerful shipping system, has arrived and is ready to provide you with a simplified shipping experience. Say goodbye to handwritten paperwork and hello to MyMidland:


- Easy electronic shipping experience with label, Bill of lading, and shipment creation

- See your estimated shipping cost before you ship

- Create and save contact IDs to recipients in your address book for quick entry

- Schedule pickups, retrieve documents, and sign up for notifications all in one tool

- A best-in-class user interface designed to improve accuracy and reduce time in your process


Let our dedicated Customer Technology team set you up with MyMidland and start shipping easier today.

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EDI and API integrations

Electronic data interchange (EDI), and application programming interface (API), are technologies which are both used for exchanging data between your computer systems and ours.


  • Improve your shipping processing speed
  • Improve visibility of your shipments from end-to-end
  • Reduce manual work
  • Improve data accuracy


Mobile handheld devices

  • Piece level scanning for improved end-to-end visibility
  • Improved efficiency for pickup and delivery acceptance
  • Pictures captured when no signature is captured upon delivery

Equipment utilization program

  • Improved fleet utilization for increased capacity
  • Visibility of equipment from end-to-end, improving security

Weigh and dimensioning technology

  • Weight and dimension capture for accuracy of invoicing.
  • Enhanced piece level shipment visibility for reduction of missorted packages.

Electronic invoicing

Proof of delivery and bill of lading images via email

Flat file data import

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