Midland offers a uniquely designed solution to meet the complex needs of the growing fishing and aquaculture industries.

Integrity from the ocean floor to your door


From our beginnings as one of the first HACCP certified transportation companies in North America, to the well-established seafood carrier that we are today, we are committed to delivering a Superior Quality seafood distribution solution. For over 40 years, we have specialized in the distribution of less-than-truckload and truckload movement of fresh, frozen, and live seafood products throughout North America.

Extensive coverage

From  Atlantic Canada to Ontario and Quebec, and south into major U.S. markets, we offer hassle-free transportation of your sensitive products. With our extensive reach and partnerships, we also provide coverage to Western Canada and other parts of the world. A highly skilled team, flexible transit times, and consistent on-time and damage-free deliveries are what you can expect. 


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Committed to product integrity 


We are proudly HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and, as such, we maintain absolute attention to all food safety protocols while your product moves through our network. Our fleet consists of well-maintained and high-quality equipment to safely move your freight. Strategically located facilities and dedicated refrigerated distribution centres, along with satellite tracking systems, allow us to handle your product with the utmost integrity across the food supply chain.


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Industry experts


With over 40 years of experience in the seafood industry, our highly engaged, knowledgeable team works together to maintain the quality and integrity of your products.

Strategically located facilities, and specially equipped trailers

Dedicated seafood team

Pinpoint satellite tracking

From an industry insider


“Midland always seems to be able to come up with full trucks to help us service our needs…more important than pricing or anything else, we have to be on time and we have to have the order correct and everything has to be just right.”


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Shipment visibility

Moving sensitive freight requires accurate forecasting and planning, as well as timely reactions to unplanned events such as weather or traffic disruptions. Our tools provide you with reliable and precise information 24/7.


  • End-to-end tracking for shipment visibility.
  • Automated alerts notify you of potential service disruptions ahead of time.
  • Live support available day and night. 
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