Service Delay Advisory - March 31, 2023 - Please be advised that delays will be experienced in Montreal and parts of Nova Scotia today. For more information, click here.

Logistics Locations and Contacts

Logistics Locations and Contacts

Moncton Office | 100 Midland Drive, Dieppe, NB
Sales: John Starr 506-859-5718
Operations: Ashley White 506-858-7608

Toronto Office | 7311 Kimbel St, Mississauga, ON
Sales: Ed Stodulski 905-678-1648
Operations: Sarab Japra 905-678-6383

Lethbridge Office | 2720 Second Ave A North, Lethbridge, AB
Sales: Steve Luciani 506-863-6071

Jamestown North Dakota Office | 5855 3rd Street SE Jamestown, ND
Sales: Steve Luciani 905-866-7995
Operations: Shannon Klipfel 701-952-6122 

Fort Edward New York Office | 1 Eddy St, Fort Edward, NY
Sales: Scott Spidell 864-226-8283
Operations: Larry Smith 518-681-3433