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Why should I sign up for On-Line Services? What does a username and password give me?

For security purposes, certain features require a username and password. It's free and secure...a username and password give you access to all Midland Courier On-Line services and information which is confidential to your account.

How do I obtain a P.O.D?

Hard copy proof of delivery can be obtained through this website or by calling the Answer Centre at

Who do I call if my shipment needs special arrangements or handling?

Please contact your local branch for information and assistance.

Who do I call for more information about a specific service?

Midland Courier Customer Service representatives are well-informed about the wide array of products and services we offer and are happy to help determine how we can best serve our customers. Please contact the Answer Centre at 1-888-643-5263.

How do I calculate my shipment's density/How do I know if the cube rule will apply?

Shipment density is one of the factors that determine how freight charges are calculated and whether Midland Courier's cube rule is applied. Shipments weighing less than 15 lbs. per cubic foot are charged on the basis of 1 cubic foot = 15 lbs.

1. Measure the height, width and depth of the shipment in inches. Measure to the farthest points including skids or other packaging. Make sure to measure each piece of a multiple piece shipment.

2. Multiply the 3 measurements (height x width x depth). This gives you the number of cubic inches. Again, do this for each piece of a piece shipment and total.

3. Divide this by 1,728 which is the number of cubic inches in a cubic foot. The result is the total cubic feet.

4. Multiply the total cubic feet of the shipment by 15. This gives you the cubic weight of the shipment.

5. The shipment will be rated at either actual weight or cubic weight whichever is greater.

  For more information or questions on application of the cube rule, please contact the Answer Centre.

What is a beyond point and how does it work? Do I call Midland Courier or the agent?

A beyond point is an area that Midland Courier services through an agent or partner. All information is available through Midland Courier - either by calling your local branch (1-800-563-4000), the Answer Centre (1-888-643-5263) or using our Customer Tools.

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