Careers in Transportation

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(December 2020) Taking the vast size of our nation into consideration, it is no surprise that over 900,000 Canadians are employed in the transportation industry [Stats Canada 2017]. Our industry is chock-full of opportunities that require many different types of expertise and skill. This essential industry provides rewarding careers in driving, skilled trades, administration, and much more.

Professional Drivers
Careers in driving offer road warriors the opportunity to enjoy the freedoms of the highway while earning an income. There is a diverse selection of jobs in this field, whether you are a long-haul driver exploring new areas of the world or a P&D driver that enjoys being home at the end of each day. Moving freight is not just limited to the road either; many find rewarding careers as pilots, ship personnel, rail conductors/engineers, and more. 

Skilled Trades
The transportation industry is always seeking skilled trades professionals to keep us in tip-top condition. Ensuring facilities, transit lanes, and equipment are up to par is intrinsic to the national supply chain. The transportation industry also relies on mechanics, technicians, contractors, construction workers, and other trade professionals to keep warehouses, roads, and equipment fully operational and ready to handle the demands of the industry. 

Dispatching and Planning
The industry also depends on the services of qualified logistics professionals to plan and dispatch routes. Planners, dispatchers, and other logistics employees play a valuable role in our industry by ensuring organizational efficiency by using innovative technologies. This team works hard to support our professional drivers, ensuring they have what they need on the road and that freight is delivered on time. 

Administration and Business Services
Administration and business services are another important area of transportation that often flies under the radar. Human resources specialists, accountants, customer service representatives, sales & marketing staff, and other administrative professionals all play pivotal roles in ensuring the success of our business. These professionals work with the drivers and customers to identify needs and provide solutions to move essential goods across North America. 

There are many alternative positions within transportation that often go overlooked. Engineers, safety experts, inspectors, security/law enforcement officers, IT specialists, and professionals from almost any industry can find rewarding careers within our sector.

The transportation industry is full of rewarding and exciting careers! Whether you are a Class 1 Driver, Sales Professional, or anything in-between, the transportation industry has opportunities for you! 

Career Opportunities in the Transportation Industry by the APTA

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