Superior Quality Service

Operating at the highest standard of excellence every day is how we exceed your expectations.

What is Superior Quality Service

Superior Quality Service is the way we do business! We are customer and quality focused in everything we do. Our highly engaged team operates in a safe, ethical, and professional manner at all times to achieve exceptional performance and results. SQS is unique to Midland and sets the highest standard for excellence. It is a promise we make to ourselves and to you, and drives how we communicate and work. 

Our Purpose


Superior quality service starts from the inside. Our winning culture drives us to continually raise our standards and pursue new ways to grow.  This allows us to invest in our people, in our communities, and enables our customers' success by delivering the perfect total shipment solution every time.

The right tools


End-to-end visibility is key. Our easy-to-use shipping and tracking tools allow YOU to be in complete control. Need to talk to someone? No problem!  Quality assistance is always at your fingertips through our easy-to-access, solutions-trained, and fully bilingual Customer Experience team.


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Handled with care


Safety doesn't happen by accident. We are committed to handling your freight with care and integrity. From our skilled drivers and freight handlers to our professional support teams, we ensure that your freight arrives on-time, in full, and damage-free.



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Quality solutions


Midland offers business-building solutions to cover all your needs. Whether your product is dry or fresh, or whether it is an urgent or have-time-to-spare move, we've got it covered.


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98% On-time delivery

99% Exception free

99% Invoicing accuracy

Accreditations that matter


As a trusted transportation leader, Midland is fully compliant and adheres to the highest level of security and safety standards to ensure the full protection of your freight.

ACE and ACI approved

For swift and seamless cross-border delivery, this reporting system showcases our expertise and experience.

PARS and PAPS approved

By using the Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS), and Pre-Arrival Processing System(PAPS), this allows the Customs Broker to submit release information to the border agencies for review prior to Midland arriving to the border. This allows for improved timeliness and efficiency when transporting freight across the border.

C-TPAT approved

Designed to enhance border security measures, we are proud to offer our customers an extra layer of security. Being C-TPAT accredited is a demonstration of our commitment to implementing additional security measures when shipping to the U.S.

FAST approved

FAST is a joint program established between the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the United States Customs and Border Protection (U.S. CBP) border. Its goal is to simplify cross-border shipments, ensuring they are more secure and encounter fewer delays.

CSA approved

We are a CSA-approved carrier, which allows us to move freight across the border in a more efficient way. Limiting paperwork, and long lines saving you time.
Smartway Partner

SmartWay partner carrier

As a registered SmartWay Carrier Partner, we measure, benchmark, track and document our progress in increasing efficiency and fuel economy.

Mastio certified

Midland is proud that we have exceeded the industry benchmark for performance, as evidenced by the results of Mastio’s Canadian LTL Carrier Customer Value and Loyalty Report. The Mastio survey is a national, industry-wide study that includes data collected from targeted respondents who rate carriers in the Transportation industry.

HACCP certified

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification is an international recognition awarded to food processors, manufacturers and transportation carriers, with a compliant and comprehensive HACCP plan. The certification on HACCP implementation represents our organizational efforts to uphold food safety in the highest regard.

Quality where it counts


"We look for value and quality with our carriers and those are two things that Midland brings to the table, quality in the quality of their service, quality of their equipment and the quality of their people.


Midland Customer for over 25 yrs.