Our Values

Our values guide us in everything we do. They provide a clear path to how we operate, communicate, and engage in our partnerships. 

There are industry standards and then there are Midland standards.

We are one of the premier service providers in the transportation and logistics industry. What sets us apart is the delivery of our Superior Quality Service, and solutions that empower our customers to succeed. Midland raises the standard for quality and excellence in the markets we serve.

Customer Focus

Satisfy the customer every minute, every hour, every day.

People & Teamwork

The key to our success. We work together with fairness and respect.

Quality Products & Service

We meet or exceed our internal and external customers’ expectations.

Results Driven

We plan and achieve goals and reward performance.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

We always raise our standards and strive to improve efficiency and reduce costs. We listen, learn and pursue new ways to progress and develop.


We operate in an honest and ethical manner at all times.

Fast & Flexible

We maintain the highest level of energy, urgency and responsiveness.

Health, Safety & Environment

We operate at the highest standards to ensure the protection of employees, the public and the environment.

Our people make it happen


We have a diverse and engaged team of over 1,900 employees who are highly motivated to provide Superior Quality Service every minute, every hour of every day. 


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