Our Environment

A sustainable approach to how we do business.

Reducing our carbon footprint

We strive to be the best service provider in the markets we serve. We believe this includes operating with the highest standards to ensure the protection of employees, the public, and the environment. Our team shares the common goal of reducing waste, continuously improving and innovating, and operating with a focused effort in reducing our carbon footprint.

Putting sustainability into action



Investing in our future


We are investing in research to determine improved ways to manage our business, and to address ecological concerns.



We are identifying and understanding more about our impact through analytics and partnerships with environmental agencies. 



We are educating our employees and vendors about environmental responsibilities and concerns so we can continuously improve.

Measure to improve


We are keeping track through regular reporting and third-party verification processes to ensure we are meeting and exceeding environmental regulations.

Strong partnerships


We have been a certified SmartWay partner since 2014, and have recently joined the Green Freight Assessment program. 

This Government of Canada initiative aims to reduce greenhouse emissions by assisting transportation partners in four key areas:

•  Reviewing their fleet’s performance
•  Implementing operational best practices
•  Installing fuel saving technologies and equipment
•  Purchasing alternative fuel vehicles

Working alongside highly experienced partners allows us to implement new technologies, improve our efficiency, and reduce our overall carbon emissions.



SmartWay certificate

Green is our favourite colour

Installation of drag reduction devices including trailer skirts, topkits, and aerodynamic mudflaps

Use of electric forklifts and fuel efficient reefer units

Fuel management programs including incentive initiatives for drivers

Numbers that count

Fleet efficiency improvement
Reduction in fuel with drag devices
Less CO2 than the average SmartWay carrier

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