Whether it is equipment, parts, or machinery that you need to move, you need a carrier that prioritizes timeliness, safety, and quality. Midland has you covered.

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Transporting goods for the manufacturing industry requires consistent quality. For over 50 years, we have built a reputation for maintaining the highest standards in safety, reliability, and dependability. Our team has the capacity and knowledge to handle all types of shipments from electronics, parts, machinery, and hazardous materials to clothing, and consumer goods. Our all-inclusive solutions offer flexibility as your business grows and adapts. 

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We take every step to operate with the utmost caution when handling and transporting all products in our care. With a proactive approach, we identify hazards and lessen the risk for accidents and damage, while protecting our team members involved in the process. This is how we foster and maintain a responsible approach when shipping products for the manufacturing industry. 


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"It gets picked up and it arrives in perfect condition every time. I need a partner that when I hand it to them, I know that it's going to be next day to Toronto, that it's going to be within the week to Newfoundland, within three to five days to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia."


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With partnerships across North America, our geographic reach is vast. Shipping with Midland is efficient and convenient.


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Our commitment to delivering Superior Quality Service is fundamental to our operations.  It enables us to deliver the perfect total shipment solution.


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