Food and Beverage

We've earned a reputation as a trusted partner in the food and beverage industry. Discover the advantages of partnering with Canada’s preferred dry, fresh, and frozen goods carrier. 

Safety and reliability, because every second counts


We understand the complexities and unique requirements of transporting food products both safely and securely. We take every step to ensure the integrity of your sensitive goods from pickup through to delivery.

Quality and integrity


We're proud to have been one of the first HACCP-certified carriers in North America. You can count on our expertise to give you confidence when it comes to handling your sensitive food products. Whether dry, fresh, or frozen goods, our rigorous health and safety protocols maintain the freshness of your perishable goods throughout the supply chain.


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Strong partnerships


"From the customer service teams, to the dispatchers, to the great truck drivers that haul our goods, they are truly the lifeblood to execute our distribution network. The quality of equipment, the friendliness of the staff, and their responsiveness to our needs is just truly outstanding."


Midland Customer since 1998

Trust in us


Our commitment to offering Superior Quality Service (SQS) means we're always focused on your needs, taking every step to ensure your shipment arrives on schedule, in-full, and in perfect condition.



Preferred appointments


We work with your team to schedule your delivery to meet those urgent required-by-arrival dates helping you avoid added charges and fines for non-compliance.

Peace of mind


We are proud to operate one of the largest HACCP-certified fleets in Canada. Our specialized temperature controlled distribution centers enable your product to maintain its integrity and quality as it moves from pickup to delivery. 

Scalable solutions


We understand your needs may change unexpectedly. Our network and resources allow us to adapt our capacity to your fluctuations in volumes.  



Making good decisions depends on accurate data, and we understand the importance of knowing your shipments status. We offer support and end-to-end visibility on all shipments.



Comprehensive network

Terminals and facilities
Temperature-controlled facilities
Refrigerated units

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