Value-added services

We offer a comprehensive package of value-added services to meet your transportation needs. Discover how we go the extra mile in customizing your superior quality shipping experience.

Beyond the basics


Midland offers a wide range of services which add value to you and your customers, and flexibility for your unique needs. Whether you require an appointment for delivery, a hydraulic lift for a location without a dock, or a temperature-controlled service, we have you covered.


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Application of value-added services


There are different factors at play when offering value-added services. As in most cases, additional planning, resources, or time is required to provide these added services which is why fees are often applied.

Inside delivery


We will bring the shipment inside the building instead of a receiving dock. This service can be used for a pickup or delivery to a store within a mall, or to a specific room location within a building. This type of delivery requires added time in a driver's route to be planned, as well as specialized equipment. Depending on the size of the shipment, it may also require an additional person to assist with the delivery.

Private residence


We will pick up or deliver to a private residence and capture a signature if required. This service requires added planning for the driver's route as well as a smaller truck to navigate the streets within a residential area. It may also require additional specialized equipment for offloading or additional labour in the absence of a loading dock.

Hydraulic lift


If your pickup or delivery location does not have a dock level door, we offer a hydraulic lift service within all direct terminal areas. We will plan the move on a route using our specialized liftgate trucks. For delivery of your product directly into your store, or office building, you can also combine with the inside delivery service for a seamless hands-off drop off.

Appointment delivery


We will contact the consignee and book a specific time and date for the delivery. This flexibility allows your customer to plan properly to receive the order. We take the added administration time in booking, updating systems, planning and follow-up to ensure appointments are made.

Avoid surprise charges

We understand that managing your transportation cost is important. You can avoid unexpected charges by understanding the variables that contribute to your overall freight charges.


  1. 1. Verify all shipment details before shipping. Providing correct information for all aspects of your shipment will ensure that you are able to properly estimate your total cost. Complete addresses, pieces, weight and dimensions should be included for every shipment.

2. Know your consignee's needs. As a shipper, it is important to understand your consignee's needs when it comes to the final delivery. Do they have a dock level, are they located in a residential area, or do they require an appointment prior to delivery? Verifying these items in advance will allow you to properly estimate the cost.


3. Get an estimate. By using our MyMidland shipping tool, you can properly estimate your shipping cost in advance of shipping and include any value-added charges you need. You can also alert your customer of the incoming delivery with our automated notifications to avoid any surprises on their end.

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