Company Driver Compensation

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Company driver compensation packages


The Midland difference sets us apart and ensures that we continue to be one of the leading trucking employers in Canada. Our fair and competitive pricing structure means you benefit in a big way.

Highway Company Driver rate package - Atlantic Canada



Canadian miles    


U.S. miles    


Team rate    


LCV rate (paid hourly)    



Atlantic rate package



Highway Company Driver rate package - Ontario and Quebec



Canadian miles    


U.S. miles    


LCV rate - Ontario (paid hourly)    


LCV rate - Quebec (paid hourly)    



Ontario and Quebec rate package



Highway Company Driver rate package - Michelin Team



Canada/U.S. Miles (Team)



Michelin Team rate package

Safety bonus


Each unit is entitled to receive a $0.02/mile quarterly bonus on all paid
miles. To receive this bonus the unit must comply with the following:

• Have no preventable accidents for the quarter
• Comply with the Company Uniform Policy for the quarter

Pickup and deliveries


The following rates apply whenever you are required to live load or live unload at a customer’s location. You must have backed the trailer into the location, supervise the loading or unloading, sign the bills, and depart with the same trailer.


First Stop $34.00

Each additional stop $14.00        

If you are performing P&D work directly for a Terminal, you will be compensated on an hourly basis at the following rate:   


Atlantic Canada (excl. St. John's)    


St. John's, NL    


Ontario (excl. Ottawa)    




Montreal, QC    


Quebec City, QC    


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